University Diagnostics Ltd offers modern DNA profiling as the most conclusive method of determining family relationships. It allows proof of parentage at levels of certainty which are beyond all reasonable doubt. The results from DNA profiling tests are accepted as admissible evidence in Courts of Law and are now routinely used in cases of disputed paternity. The new service uses STR (Short Tandem Repeat) DNA Profiling which only requires a small sample of blood from a finger or heel-prick.

We have helped thousands of people to understand and solve this difficult problem and our friendly sympathetic staff are there to help.

Whom can it help?

    Those who wish to identify their true mother or father

    Those involved in cases of disputed paternity  

    Those who wish to confirm family relationships to satisfy immigration requirements.
(Regretfully the immigration testing CANNOT use STR DNA Profiling at this time for legal reasons and requires conventional DNA Profiling methods)    

How does the test work?

Everyone in the world is genetically different except identical twins. What determines these differences is DNA which is found in all cells of the body. Each of us inherits half our DNA from each parent. The DNA profiling technique examines the DNA and can trace these links with extraordinary precision allowing family relationships to be identified. UDLs scientists have now validated STR DNA Profiling for Paternity analyses. This DNA method has been used in forensic casework since 1994.
For STR DNA Profiling, a simple finger-prick or heel-prick sample is taken by a doctor and sent to our laboratories. Here it is carefully analysed using modern automated instruments. The DNA is subjected to a series of tests which can uniquely identify parts of a DNA molecule. Similarities in response can then be used to determine the family links between a group of related people. The process can also confirm if a man is not the father of a particular child.

How do I arrange a test?

We will explain every stage of the process and help you make all the necessary arrangements. Just call our Client Services Department on

020 8943 8400

Finger-prick samples must be taken by a registered medical professional such as a doctor and we can assist you in locating a suitable person in a clinic or hospital close to your home. Your own GP may agree to take samples, but an appointment should NOT be made until you have spoken to us. We will supply your chosen doctor with all the necessary materials for taking the samples.

How much will it cost? 

Legal paternity testing (STR)

People per case Net cost VAT

Total cost

1 to 3 £381.00 £66.67 £447.67
4 £508.00 £88.90 £596.90
5 635.00 £111.12 £746.12

For costs of cases involving more than 5 samples, please enquire.

Immigration testing (SLP)

People per case Net cost VAT Total cost
1 to 3 £405.00 £70.87 £475.87
4 £540.00 £94.50 £634.50
5 £675.00 £118.12 £793.12
6 £810.00 £141.75 £951.75

For costs of cases involving more than 6 samples, please enquire.

What is the Legal Aid Position?

We are happy to accept legally aided cases upon receipt of copies of legal aid certificates and on the understanding that early application is made to the relevant Legal Aid Board for our costs to be met by way of disbursement.

How long will it take?

We are normally able to complete and submit a report on STR DNA Profiling work in ten working days following receipt of all samples. Immigration casework using conventional DNA Profiling will require 6 weeks following receipt of all samples to complete.

Who will explain the results?

Our findings are summarised clearly and concisely in our confidential report. If necessary, one of our staff would be happy to discuss the results and explain their significance.

We at UDL have long experience in this type of work and understand the importance of each case to those concerned. We are committed to providing a friendly, helpful and efficient service.

Further details may be obtained by telephoning the number above or completing our confidential request form by clicking here
UDL was founded in 1988 and has undertaken many thousands of DNA tests for clients both in the UK and abroad. Our scientists are Government Registered Paternity testers and our DNA profiling reports are accepted as evidence in UK Courts. UDL is accredited to ISO9001 International Quality Standard for its genetic services.