DNA Forensic Investigation

DNA technology is being increasingly used to offer new solutions to problems that are not easily solved using traditional methods. Continual developments in DNA technology have resulted in a mass of technical detail which is often left unchallenged, yet may contain vital evidence.

Expert witness & scientific report examination  Independent DNA testing of casework
Expert witness testimony in court  Parentage and relationship testing

Wildlife Crime DNA testing

DNA evidence is often pivotal, so please plan ample time for expert evaluation

Examination of Submitted DNA Evidence Statements & Reports

Our normal procedure is to review the forensic scientist’s statement and advise on its content and implications, with reference to the calculated statistical significance of STR or DNA Profiling results. This review will also identify the key samples that you may wish to have independently tested. This review usually requires no more than 4 hours analysis and reporting time. We always endeavour to complete this work within 1 week of instructions, acceptance of our fee structure and receipt of appropriate documentation.

Should it be found appropriate to examine in detail the forensic scientist’s working notes, then examination of the documentation on site at the relevant forensic science laboratory will be necessary.

Independent Analysis of DNA Profiles/STR Profiles

Should an independent preparation and analysis of DNA Profiles/STR Profiles be appropriate, these may be initiated at any time during the proceedings. Authorisation to release the scene of crime samples or exhibits for independent DNA analysis must be obtained via the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and could be co-ordinated with a site visit to the forensic scientist’s laboratory. Alternatively, you may wish to obtain independent DNA results at the earliest opportunity, in which case CPS agreement to release and courier appropriate samples must be obtained without delay.

If an independent typing of an individual’s profile is required, this would not require CPS permission, just a fresh blood or mouthwash sample.


Preparation and analysis of DNA Profiles takes a minimum of four weeks to complete.

STR Profiles take a minimum of two weeks to complete.


UDL/LGC offers a high quality analytical service to determine the presence of drugs and other xenobiotics in biological matrices. In addition to the more traditional matrices, such as blood and urine, we can offer a hair testing service which can investigate an individual’s exposure to drugs over a period of time. Services available include:

Drink Driving and Drugs Driving Offences Alcohol back calculations
Poisonings Suspicious deaths
Disputed Drugs in the Workplace offences Hair analysis

Drugs of Abuse

Drugs casework is undertaken by specialist court-attending forensic analysts who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and quality.

Services available include:

Verifying weight, ID and purity of drugs Comparisons of drugs/wrapping materials
Establishing country of origin Reviewing evidence
Crime scene examination Examination of illicit laboratories

Expert advice on all aspects of drugs of abuse

Questioned Documents

We have over 100 years of experience in document examination and can provide independent and impartial testimony of the highest integrity. We offer a comprehensive range of services in relation to:

Handwriting Typewriters and typescript Alterations
Indented impressions Printing inc Laser printers Photocopiers and photocopies
Inks Paper Obliterations and Erasures
Damaged, torn or shredded documents Stamps and stamp impressions Signatures


Forensics examinations are always conducted on a case-by-case basis and consequently the fees charged will vary depending on the complexity and nature of the case.

Please contact our Client Services department for details of costs or complete the contact form for further details.